Salman Khan talks about his longest relationship

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

24th Sep, 2021. 05:38 pm

Salman Khan has been in a lot of relationships in his life but he says that his longest reality TV show has been with Bigg Boss.

Salman has been hosting Bigg Boss for almost a decade. It started hosting the show in 2010.

In a video shared with the media during a promotional event for a reality TV show, Salman said: “My relationship with Bigg Boss, this is probably my only relationship that has lasted that long. Some relationships, what can I say? Leave it. We look forward to seeing you again.

This year, the show will feature jungle. “This season reminds me of the song – the forest is midnight. Not the Sultan’s arena. Not the arena’s arena, but a different arena. 250 cameras will be watching every movement of the forest and moving an address.”

Salman added that Bigg Boss 15 could be five months longer at the moment.


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