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Microsoft President says world is facing staggering jobs challenge

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

18th Jul, 2020. 12:15 pm
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Microsoft President says world is facing staggering jobs challenge

Microsoft president Brad Smith said that the world is tackling shocking jobs challenge with a quarter of a billion people set to lose their job this year.

He said that people are required to learn new skills to get jobs or to hang on to their current ones. It is because digitization of economies races prevail.

Microsoft had recently announced that it will provide training to 25 million people worldwide this year.

People will be given training, skills, certifications. They will also be supported to find jobs.

The company will accomplish this mission with the help of Microsoft-owned LinkedIn.

Brad Smith said that various jobs in many countries would be beyond the reach of digital retraining.

“It’s true that the nature of work varies widely around the world. Not all jobs can be digitized, particularly in the developing world.

“We live in a world of internet inequality – if we don’t do something about it we are going to exacerbate all the other inequalities that we all worry about. This is a task beyond any one company or any one government but if we can reach 25 million people we will feel like we are doing our part.”

According to details, around $20m (£19.6m) will be spent on this programme.

Mr. Smith said, “Tech is a powerful tool but it can also be a formidable weapon in the wrong hands,” “So this is a critical time for technology, it has more responsibility than ever.”

“I think people have more questions than ever and that’s not a bad thing. To ensure that technology is a force for good, governments need to move more quickly to develop technology-focused laws. While tech companies need to exert some self-restraint.”

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