Strong women (hatuns) from Dirilis: Ertugrul

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

21st Nov, 2020. 01:59 pm
Dirilis: Ertugrul Women hatuns

Dirilis Ertugrul remained a masterpiece Pakistanis have ever watched. The drama series featured a historic era of Turk Muslims. However, the series was not just about riding horses and using swords. It featured love, relationship, trust, culture, and tradition. Even women, hatuns, were strong and united.

Hayme Ana

A perfect example of motherhood was seen in Dirilis: Ertugrul in the form of Hayme Ana’s character. She was the one who always remained by the side of her husband Suleyman Shah. Even after his death, she did not let the Kayi tribe break into pieces. She was the one who led the tribe after her husband’s death. Hayme Ana portrayed the true example of love and care. She used to shower love for other people as well, whether it is Bamsi or Turgut. The way she used to lead women (hatuns) in her tribe is phenomenal. Hayme Ana used to console people during difficult times. Not only this, but she also knew how to maintain justice between her children.

Halime Sultan

Halime Sultan became the strongest supporter of her husband Ertugrul Bey. She remained by her side even Ertugrul’s own brothers and around half of Kayi Tribe left him. Till the death, she fought shoulder-to-shoulder with her husband. There were times when the wrong news of Ertugrul’s death was spread. She led her tribe and continued to follow Ertugrul’s legacy. Apart from that, she also revealed a true example of a caring sister. She used to be a helping hand for Aslihan, Hafsa, and other hatuns of the tribe. Even when Kayi Tribe faced drought conditions, Halime Sultan used to console her tribe. Ertugrul used to go outside the tribe to perform various responsibilities. But Halime knew how to remain patient and active in his absence. Unfortunately, Halime Sultan died in season 4. Ertugrul was seen crying with a heavy heart like never before.

Selcan Hatun

Selcan’s character in Dirilis: Ertugrul was amazing and inspiring. She once remained an evil character but turned into a new leaf soon. She and her husband Gundogdu fell into several conspiracies. She had a sharp sense and she could easily recognize the cunningness behind innocent faces. But she handled it very well. Even at the time when Gundogdu fell into a plan made by Concagul Hatun, she fought well. It was because of her determination and love that her husband appreciated her in the end. We really missed her in seasons three and four.

Aslihan Hatun

Brave and beautiful, Ashlihan was a perfect example of beauty with a brain. She was the only sister of her two brothers. She led women, Hatuns well and led the Cavdar tribe with strong determination. Even after the death of her brothers and father, she alone led her tribe and prevented it from falling into prey. When Emir Sadettin proposed to her for marriage, her only condition was to lead her tribe. That was why she refused his proposal. After that, Aslihan married Turgut Alp but never left her tribe even after marriage. Her strong leadership was embraced by all.


Dirilis: Ertugrul women

Aykiz was the first love of Turgut Alp. Her chemistry with Turgut gave major couple goals. Her love for Turgut can be explained well when he was brought back into the tribe. Turgut was given a potion that controlled his mind. Ertugrul was about to punish him until Aykiz stood for him. In addition to this, she treated Halime and Gokce like her sisters. Unfortunately, she was burned alive by the Mongols.

Ilbilge hatun

Dirilis: Ertugrul women

Last but not the least, Ilbilge hatun was among women who possessed the qualities of leadership and justice. After Halime’s death, she became the second wife of Ertugrul Bey. She was the one who followed the same cause as Ertugrul’s. She remained determined and was willing to sacrifice her dreams, her personal relationships, and even her life for the cause.

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