BTS member Suga updates ARMY about his health condition

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

29th Dec, 2020. 03:55 pm
BTS Suga

South Korean rapper Suga went through an operation on his shoulder in November. The news worried the ARMY, but his latest news has relieved everyone.

Member of K-pop band, whose real name is Min Yoongi, took to V live on Monday. He told his fans that he has been recovering. But he also said that he cannot lift his arms yet.

“I got rid of my arm brace but I can’t lift my arms to 90 degrees yet. I still feel that they are not my arms. My arms are like the arms of a newborn baby. I can’t lift my arms now,” he said.

“It’s not painful it still hurts though because all of my muscles are stiff.”

Suga also assured the ARMY that he is taking care of himself and not moving more than he requires so he can recover soon.

“I am receiving recovery treatment continuously. I’m trying to move only to the extent I can. I’m doing various exercises. I’m getting better but I’m recovering at a slow speed. ‘It’s recovering slower than weight exercise so I’m a little anxious, but I’m still working out continuously, such as band exercise. ‘In the hospital that I received surgery in they don’t force me to extend the motion range. So I’m only using my arms to the extent that I can move.”

Suga said, ‘There are many people talking about New Year’s Eve Live. I’m recovering well so I guess I can appear but I can’t perform. I can’t perform right now. I can’t perform physically.

“I guess I can do something other than performing. It’s less than two months since I had the surgery. ‘I can’t hold the mic with my left arm. I guess I can hold it with my right arm.”

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