Hira Mani has a message for the people in a letter she wrote

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

18th Feb, 2021. 11:40 am
Hira Mani letter

Recently, Pakistani actress and model Hira Mani, who recently entered the world of singing, wrote a ‘letter’ to the people.

What she wrote on Instagram in a caption is in the form of a letter.

She shared her captivating photos that caught the attention of viewers.

Along with this, Hira wrote a message in urdu which was as follows:

مجھے آپ سب بھی بہت پسند ہیں وادہ مجہسے دور نہ ہوئے گا کبھی بھی میری بہت پیاری عوام میری جان”
“فقت آپکی اپنی حرا مانی


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The leading Pakistani actress introduced her new friend to fans recently. The famous actress shared a video of herself in a beautiful red and black contrasting dress. She can be seen fixing her dupatta and playing with her hair while smiling at the camera in the video.


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A post shared by Hira Mani (@hiramaniofficial)

Her caption read, ” Pata nahi ajeeb strong connection hai mera CAMERA se iski red light on houtay hi main badal jaati hun !! Dosti hougayi hai mere is sey!!”

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