English is just a language, I can swear it’s not knowledge, Imran Ashraf

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

08th Apr, 2021. 04:06 pm
Imran Ashraf Twitter

Leading Pakistani actor Imran Ashraf has been receiving rave reviews from fans for his remarks on the English language.

An old message of Imran Ashraf has been shared by a showbiz page and has been surfacing on social media platforms in which the actor said that “English is just a language, I can swear it’s not knowledge”

‘Angraizi sirf aik Zuban hai

Kasam utha k kahta hoon taleem nahi’

Imran Ashraf also commented on the message shared by the social media page, in which he added, “’Jo angraizi nahi bolta woh jahil nahi actually maqsad yeah hai…urdu ko bhi amm toor par khaas samajh kar istemal hona chahya .. angraizi status symbol bana diya gay hai”

Imran Ashraf‘s comment has received thousands of likes and replies in which his fans have confirmed his words by saying he is absolutely right, it just needs to be explained to today’s parents and the elite of society.

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