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Meera Jee denies all rumors regarding her mental health

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

08th Apr, 2021. 04:27 pm
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Meera mental health
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Film star and producer Meera has denied the rumors circulating about her mental health and said that people should refrain from spreading such rumors about her.

Actor Imran Abbas has responded to the news circulating about Meera in a long post, in which he said that Meera had called him this morning and asked him to make it clear on all media and social media that she is perfectly healthy, and that her mental state is also fine.

Meera called me this morning to clarify it to all of our media/social media that she is perfectly fine and there is…

Posted by Imran Abbas on Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Imran Abbas said, “Meera called me this morning to clarify it to all of our media/social media that she is perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with her mental health. Kindly don’t sensationalise the story and make fun of her. Calling someone mentally unstable is not a bloody joke. A person loses his/her credibility in society and moreover it can actually push her to be a mental wreck and make her take any extreme action. It can really harm her career and affect her adversely in so many different ways.

No one of us is perfect and we all have imperfections one way or another. “Perfection” is the word which only suits our creator.

She doesn’t need your sympathies or prayers to be fine. Kindly don’t show this fake concern by putting status. Let’s pray for our sick society, news channels and social media which can actually push anyone to commit suicide by their petty jokes and flimsy humor.”

The actor, while expressing anger over those who spread such news, said that it’s not nice to call someone mentally ill, a person who is being mocked can lose his mental state due to being ridiculed.

Recently, news has been circulating since the past few days quoting Meera’s mother, Shafqat Zahra Bukhari, that Meera has been admitted to a lunatic asylum. Meera has denied all these reports and has sent out a message regarding her mental well-being through Imran Abbas.

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