Mia Khalifa’s Correlation Between Beautiful Girls & COVID Vaccine Shot

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

03rd Apr, 2021. 11:24 pm
Mia Khalifa divorce

Former lewd star Mia Khalifa, who is quite controversial for her immoral past, has special advice for people who need to go for the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible.

Mia Khalia in her recent post has urged the masses to must take the COVID-19 vaccine but her advice is quite witty and has gained the internet’s attention to its fullest.

Posting a smutty snap on Instagram she wrote, “Beautiful girls are being vaccinated against coronavirus. If you don’t get vaccinated, you will spend this summer without those beautiful girls.”

The Lebanese-American girl’s advice has brought a storm all over social media and seems like people will consider it very carefully.

Earlier, Mia Khalifa had extended support to the Indian farmers as they continue to protest in Delhi against India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

For supporting the Indian farmers, Mia had received intense backlash and death threats, however, she stood strong and continued to raise her voice against the brutality of the Indian government against their own farmers.

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