Ramazan Mein BOL: Know importance of Islam in ‘Aalim Ke BOL’

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

09th Apr, 2021. 11:43 pm
BOL Special Transmission 'Ramazan Mein BOL' To Commence With Zeal

BOL Entertainment has been at the forefront for presenting the meaningful and full of religious zeal, Ramadan Transmission.

While maintaining its glorious tradition, BOL Entertainment continues to present unique and the biggest transmission for the month of Ramadan this year as well with a beautiful combination of innovation. BOL’s special Transmission “Ramzaan Mein BOL” will commence from the 1st of Ramadan.

Pakistan’s largest Ramadan broadcast ‘Ramazan Mein BOL’ will host a feast of happiness and blessings at Sahar and Iftar with our hosts Dr Fiza Akbar and Osama Ghazi.

Aalim Ke BOL:

Aalim Ke BOL is one of the segments of the meaningful and full of religious zeal, Ramadan Transmission Ramazan Mein BOL in which scholars of all schools of thought will answer your questions in the light of Islamic teachings and injunctions which will be helpful in solving your problems.

So know the importance of Religion and Religious Beliefs in ‘Aalim Ke BOL’ only on Bol Entertainment.

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