Ramazan Mein BOL will celebrate first fast of children in “Roza Kushai Mein BOL”

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

09th Apr, 2021. 11:52 pm
Roza Khushai Mein BOL

Fasting is a shield and a means of salvation from Hell. Fasting is key to a successful bond between Allah and His servants. Fasting is Zakat to the human body.

This month of Ramazan, children who observe their first fast will be invited to celebrate their special day on segment  ‘Roza Kushai Mein BOL’ only on Bol Entertainment.

Ramazan Mein BOL

Special transmission for the audience, ‘Ramazan Mein BOL’ was brought to the fore where gatherings of knowledge and wisdom would be held and every corner of the mind would be illuminated with Islamic knowledge.

Pakistan’s largest Ramazan broadcast ‘Ramazan Mein BOL’ will host a feast of happiness and blessings at Sehr and Iftar with our BOL’s own Dr Fiza Akbar and Osama Ghazi.

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