Ushna Shah believes one’s dressing doesn’t make them worse or wiser

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

14th Apr, 2021. 02:25 pm
Ushna Shah

Actress Ushna Shah believes that clothes can never make you worse or wiser, it is just thinking that makes one good or bad.

Ushna Shah shared a post on Instagram with a lengthy caption welcoming the blessed month of Ramadan Kareem. She shared a picture of herself wearing a burqa at the Ka’bah while performing Umrah.

The actress wrote that on the occasion of Ramadan, ‘A pre-pandemic picture with my favorite people.
I pray that we as a nation find within us tolerance and acceptance for those who are different than us: those with different faiths, orientations and ideologies.’


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A post shared by Ushna Shah (@ushnashah)

“I pray we find within us kindness for all creation and that we make it our responsibility to stand for the voiceless. I pray we become the pillars of strength for the weak. I pray that we find in us to not be judgemental; (for example this picture, it is almost two years old.. I am reluctant to post it even now because sharing my faith makes so many people feel entitled to own it.’

Referring to the photo shared by Ushna Shah, she said, “This picture doesn’t make me a better person, and a picture of me wearing liberal clothing doesn’t make me a worse person). I pray we stop taking it upon ourselves to judge people and leave it upon them to find their own path. I pray we stop making judgements of people based on hearsay and limited perception. I hope and pray, we become better. I pray I become better. Aameen.
Ramadan Mubarak to you all 🌙
Please be kind to eachother, to non Muslims, to animals, to our planet and to yourselves.”

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