Shehzad Roy engages in a fun banter with a fan about anti-ageing products

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

26th Aug, 2021. 04:11 pm
Shehzad Roy

Famed singer and social worker Shehzad Roy recently got involved in a humorous banter as he replied to a fan on Twitter discussing the immortal beauty product.

A social media user on Twitter recommended the singer to start a skincare line as Shehzad Roy still serves the fan base with his youthful looks.

“If he ever starts a line of anti-ageing products, it would be a global blockbuster. This man hasn’t aged a day since 2000,” the tweet read.

To which, the Dholna singer humorously replied, “Come on yaar. 20 saal ki umar sab loug aesay hi lagtay hain. But if you insist you can suggest a name for this anti-ageing product.”

Shehzad Roy

However, the netizens shared their mixed reactions over Roy’s looks. Some think that he won’t go old so soon, whereas other opposed saying that he already looks older than 40 years.

Shehzad Roy

Earlier, Shehzad Roy expressed his displeasure against the public hanging punishment.

He wrote, “Whoever is demanding to hang any criminal publicly should not forget that there is enough research available that ‘violence breeds violence’”.

He further added, “I have done a lot to save kids from sexual abuse & corporal punishment. Rapists, child molesters, or criminals like them should be punished with the full force of law. I am against giving any punishment publicly,” he reiterated, adding, “Do you want our young kids to see bodies hanging on chowks, chorahas and markets?”

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