Water Chestnut AKA Singhara: Start Appreciating This Fruit

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

10th Dec, 2020. 01:02 am
Water Chestnut AKA Singhara: Start Appreciating This Fruit

Water chestnut better known as Singhara is not so good in terms of shape and taste and that is why we ignore the thing that is being sold on carts in the streets in winter. But still many people like its ugly texture and sweet taste.

In South Asia, this fruit is known as Singhara while it has many names including water caltrop and Water chestnut. Very few people know about it and eat it though it has many medical benefits.

This fruit is eaten raw or boiled. Flour is also made from the dried fruit in a mill, which is called singhara flour.

It is rich in carbohydrates, protein, iron, iodine and double the amount of magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper and multivitamins.

It is the ideal food for a healthy life. Compared to buffalo milk, half a cup of singhara contains only 0.1 grams of fat or fat, 14.8 grams of carbohydrates, 0.9 grams of protein, and 22% more such minerals and ingredients. Only 6 calories, zero cholesterol, low salt and 10% of the daily essential vitamins B6 and B7 are part of it which helps to keep the brain and body’s immune system healthy. Similarly, Thai A. Mann and Riboflavin proteins help the body convert the food it contains into energy. As it does not contain fat, it also helps maintain body weight.

With its anti-toxic properties, this fruit is great for people who suffer from jaundice. It also helps the thyroid gland to function properly, cools the body, increases salivation in the mouth, and quenches thirst. The fruit is also useful for urinary tract infections, relieves inflammation and cleanses the blood.

Singhara is rich in polyphenolic and flavonoid antioxidants, which are bactericidal and antiviral as well as prevent cancer while strengthening the stomach and spleen as well as symptoms of weakness in the spleen such as mouthwash. They also eliminate bad taste, insomnia, feeling sick, fatigue, swelling or urinary tract infections.

Porridge made from singhara flour is more creamy and is given to the mother after childbirth to control blood flow. Its dried seeds stop the flow of blood and help in overcoming the women problems. Singhara porridge is good for the intestines and removes internal heat.

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