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US files $20 Trillion lawsuit against China for creating & spreading coronavirus

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

29th Mar, 2020. 04:43 pm
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US files $20 Trillion Lawsuit against China for creating & spreading coronavirus

US lawyer Larry Klayman has filed a lawsuit worth USD 20 trillion against China for creating and releasing the novel coronavirus.

Covid-19 has infected more than 664,621 people worldwide whereas 30,891 people have died, according to sources.

Larry Klayman,his advocacy group Freedom Watch and Buzz Photos, a Texas company, has filed the lawsuit in the US District Court for the Northern District of Texas.

The lawyer alleged that the virus was “designed by China to be a biological weapon of war”, and that whether or not the country intended to release it, China violated “US law, international laws, treaties, and norms.”

The lawsuit said, “Because China has agreed by treaty to outlaw such weapons, these actions cannot be official governmental actions of the People”s Republic of China and are not subject to any possible claim of legal immunity from suit,”

The lawyer also said that the objective of handling the virus within the laboratory was to use it to “kill US citizens and other persons and entities in nations perceived to be an enemy of China.”

The lawsuit further mentioned, “COVID-19 is an extremely dangerous disease because it has an extremely aggressive nature, was designed to mutate from person to person, spreads very quickly and easily, no vaccine exists yet on account of it being a new disease, the means of transmission are not fully known with certainty, and treatments are only just being worked out, and the disease appears to be about ten times as deadly as the flu,” 

It said that China allegedly spread the virus as a catastrophic biological warfare weapon to kill mass populations.

It should be remembered that coronavirus was originated from a Chinese city named Wuhan. More than 3,000 people have died from Covid-19 in China so far. 

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