Thanks to the New In-Car Tech, Audi Users Can Now Skip Red Lights

Iraj AnwarWeb Editor

24th Jul, 2021. 08:20 pm

It’s a universal fact that we all hate traffic lights, especially when we are having a great time, the red traffic light instantly kills off the mood by interrupting the smooth cruise. As globally abhorred as it is, in order to cut down the hindrance, Audi has introduced the Traffic Light Information (TLI) feature, which is one of its kind.

The luxurious car’s new technology, also referred to as TLI, detects the nearby traffic lights based on the amount of traffic in the nearby areas of the car’s current location. The GPS system then performs its action by finding out the distance between the traffic signal and the car. If a traffic signal is on the immediate route, the instrument cluster immediately conveys the information to the driver, regarding the speed he should take on so as to omit the red lights and continue enjoying the ride.

Not only this, but also the new feature benefits its users by giving them the remaining estimated time for the signal to turn green, at times when the red light is unavoidable. Apart from telling the impending stoppage, this one feature of counting down the remaining time through the digital dash, serves as a cherry on top.

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