Twitter is considering only allowing you to tweet to ‘trusted friends.’

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

02nd Jul, 2021. 03:28 pm
Twitter wishes to enlist your assistance in creating new privacy features

Twitter is considering new ways to access tweets to specified groups of individuals. The business showed two new feature concepts that would allow users to target tweets to specific audiences without switching accounts or changing privacy settings.

The first would enable people to identify “trusted friends,” so that certain tweets would be viewable only to that group. The concept is similar to Instagram’s Stories “close friends” feature. Twitter’s version, according to an image given by Twitter designer Andrew Courter, would allow users to toggle the audience, similar to how you can choose who may reply to you.

He went on to say that “perhaps you could also see trusted friends’ Tweets first” in your timeline, which will provide an alternative to Twitter’s current chronological or algorithmic “home” timelines.

Another feature would be the ability for people of using several personas or “facets” from the same account. A user, for example, may have a professional identity where they tweet about work-related topics and a personal identity where they tweet about friends and family.

Users may be able to make any of their personas public or private, and new followers may be able to select which “facet” they want to see tweets from.

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