10 mind blowing tech news to keep you updated with the current tech affairs

Iraj AnwarWeb Editor

20th Aug, 2021. 08:45 pm

Here are some amazing technology related news that will make us realize we have been living under a rock all this time.

  1. Onlyfans is working on banning some adult content

The UK based content subscription service has decided to block sexually explicit content in order to cut down pornography. During the pandemic the subscriptions of the application boomed extensively, making it a hub of X-rated content.

  1. Amazon is looking to introduce its stores in California and Ohio

The leading e-commerce company has decided to open its walk-in stores in the aforementioned states of USA. The store is reported as to offer a mix of furniture, clothing and electronics.

  1. Amazon is under criticism by its employees for its poor system

The market leader of e-commerce industry, Amazon, is getting a lot of criticism from its employees for having a poor and ambiguous performance review system.

  1. Tesla’s customers are disappointed over its delayed deliveries

The electronic vehicle manufacturer has apparently a poor delivery record. A number of its customers are waiting to receive their delivery of Model S and Y Tesla. Furthermore, a customer who paid for his electronic automobile 5 months ago, is still waiting to receive it.

  1. Mark Zuckerberg to launch VR meetings on Facebook

The social media giant will now offer virtual reality breakout rooms for co-workers to hold meetings, collaborate and socialize in a virtual work environment.

  1. Taliban’s following on social media platforms is skyrocketing

Despite the numerous bans on the extremist group, Taliban’s social media following is multiplying each day, turning it into a platform of governance.

  1. Facebook to roll out popularity ranking in the coming days

Based on what the application users are following or enjoying the most, the social media leader has decided to introduce a feature of popularity ranking. Yes, you guessed right, it will be the memes trending during that time.

  1. Apple to discontinue HealthHabit app, and lay off its employees

The smartphone market leader has decided to cease its health application operations in the future, and so the redundancies following it are inevitable. The 50 employees working on the feature have been ordered to find other jobs in the company within the specified period of time in order to avoid being fired.

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