Whatsapp Releases ‘View Once’ Feature to All Users

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04th Aug, 2021. 02:02 pm
Whatsapp Releases 'View Once' Feature to All Users

Whatsapp keeps on adding new features to its app to make it more secure and interesting, and to stay ahead of its rivals.

Whatsapp recently released a new feature called ‘View Once’ to all of its users. With this feature, a photo or video will be immediately deleted once it is viewed.

The message will show as opened once the content has been viewed.

The receiver will also know whether the media is View Once, so this feature would be used for those who you trust will not take the screenshot.

“Only send photos or videos with view once media enabled to trusted individuals. For example, it’s possible for someone to: Take a screenshot or screen recording of the media before it disappears. You won’t be notified if someone takes a screenshot or screen recording,” WhatsApp said in a blog post on Wednesday.

The social media app also posted it on Twitter, “You can now send photos and videos that disappear after they’ve been opened via View Once on WhatsApp, giving you more control over your chat’s privacy!”

About View Once Feature

The new feature aims at the privacy of the sender. The photo/video sent using this feature will not be saved on the receiver’s phone gallery.

Such media can not be shared,  forwarded, or starred. The message can only be seen if the recipient has opened view once if they have receipts turned on.

View Once media can be opened after the backup if it has not been opened before the backup was taken.

How to Use View Once Feature?

When sending the media on Whatsapp, just tap the 1 next to send button. Once the recipient opens it, it will be deleted.

In a blog post, Whatsapp said that this feature can be used when sharing photos of trying clothes, a quick reaction to a moment, or sensitive information like WiFi passwords.

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