HSY X CONATURAL: Scents from Pakistan, for Pakistan

Maheen AzizWeb Editor

18th Oct, 2021. 08:46 pm

Launching a new product line in collaboration with Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, famously known as HSY, Conatural has yet again elevated the Pakistani beauty and skincare domain. Photo: Bol News/Athar Khan

A natural beauty brand and a luxury fashion brand coming together? Yes please. Launching a new product line in collaboration with Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, famously known as HSY, Conatural has yet again elevated the Pakistani beauty and skincare domain.

Founded by two sisters, Myra Qureshi and Rema Taseer, as an effort to popularise and make accessible natural and organic skin and hair care products as opposed to the widely available synthetic options, the brand has seen unparalleled growth in the Pakistani community. This new collaboration by fashion house legend, HSY, is another great feat for Conatural. Featuring five different luxurious scents; Empire, Forever Love, Crystal Rose, Valour, Desire.

This enticing project held its first public event “Beyoutify with Dolmen” along with a meet and greet with HSY at Dolmen Mall Clifton on Saturday, 16th of October. The event followed a start studded reception and a vast public attendance to its pop-up store that let visitors experience the five new fragrances and meet the people behind this launch.

The brand boasts an all-natural and organically derived skin & hair care lineup with a Good Manufacturing Practices certification that legally validates a particular brand’s implementation of safe cosmetic products and the very same can be expected from this new collaborative project that ventures into fragrances.

“These are purely Pakistani scents. I see people promoting their brands but the ‘made in Pakistan’ factor is missing which I have included in these scents. These scents are not imported from China or any other country but made with love only in Pakistan.” HSY told BOL.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin speaking to customers. Photo: Bol News/ Athar Khan

Rema Taseer, who is one of the owners of the brand, expressed immense pleasure in collaborating with HSY, believing that this line needed attention which only HSY could provide. “Shero was extremely invested and devoted. These perfumes are like his babies.”

“People deliver babies in 9 months, however, they took 2 years because we wanted it to be perfect. We thought from a buyer’s perspective because people do wear perfumes according to occasions therefore the smells need to meet that demand.” HSY added.

These five perfumes are long lasting up to 12 hours in this extreme weather of Karachi. We guarantee that. And the price starts from PKR 3000 to PKR 4000.” HSY further explained.

Rema is proud of not only collaborating with HSY but she is pretty confident that this is one of the best perfumes one can get in Pakistan. “These five scents are as good as any other international ones and that too in a quarter of the price. These are not EDT’s but EDPs thus have a higher concentration of scent.”

Conatural owner Rema Taseer poses with a customer. Photo: Bol News/Athar Khan


Forever love

With the top notes of citrus, leafy and pear, Forever Love is the best scent to wear on special occasions. A pleasantly strong aroma with notes of rose and white flower, it stays even after you have left. Housing base notes of cedar wood, earthly and woody, this perfume gives you a rollercoaster ride of memories.

Crystal Rose

It is believed that a woman is like a crystal who shines from every angle. With its top notes of citrus, peach and pear, Crystal Rose is refreshing and lasting. It is made for young women who are high-spirited hence this scent aims to add onto their persona and reflect their energy. Having heart notes, Freesia, Lily of the Valley, Violet and base notes of Musk, Wood, and Crystal Rose, this is a perfect choice to wear in summers.


One’s mind boggles in selecting perfumes that depicts freedom, especially something that should be worn in evenings. Conatural catered that wish by introducing Desire. With its top notes of bergamot, grape fruit, rose, jasmine, cyclamen, this scent is for evenings and pleasant occasions.



Scents tell a story about your personality so choose your perfumes wisely. Valour is that one cologne that has refreshing notes of amber and lavender, mixed with sage. You will feel confident after wearing it and feel like conquering the world.


“Enchanting and invigorating, the scent of a leader can be noticed by his followers from afar. When he strides into a room, heads turn. When he speaks, ears listen and when he leaves, he leaves the hope for a return. Empire is the royal spirit for real men who become examples.”