Review of the latest situation in Germany on the death of Legendary Umar Sharif

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03rd Oct, 2021. 12:27 am
Umar Sharif death: Pakistani cricket community mourns the loss

Umar Sharif death: Pakistani cricket community mourns the loss

Saturday morning 02.10.2021 Umar Sharif left us from the hospital in Nuremberg, Germany, and left for eternal journey.

News of his death spread like wildfire in the media around the world.

Mrs. Umar was alone here in Nuremberg. According to the tweet of Pakistani Ambassador Dr. Faisal, the diplomat of the Frankfurt Consulate is in the hospital to help Mrs. Umar.


There are three options for shifting the deceased from Germany to Pakistan. The first – by the same air ambulance from which they were brought for treatment, the second – with a private chartered plane, the third – with a normal commercial or cargo flight.

The first option ended – when the FAI Aviation Air Ambulance Authority was called, they told me that the deceased could not be transported by the same air ambulance. It was a separate agreement. The patient was in the hospital and now because the patient has died.

Therefore, an air ambulance is not an option to carry the dead. An air ambulance is an emergency service for patients, not for transporting a body.

However, “if the family wishes, we can arrange for them a private chartered plane to carry the deceased, which is also a very expensive service.” Or will be sent by cargo. And that only seems possible after Monday.

The second option depends on the final decision of the Consulate and Mrs. Umar to arrange a chartered aircraft.

The third option is more likely because there is a reason. You are not allowed to move the body if the paperwork is not completed. Offices are closed for the weekend, so the paperwork is slow. According to Pakistani consulate officials, the paperwork is likely to be completed by Monday.

However, according to the protocol, if the hospital first produces death certificates and other documents, they will be handed over to the consulate staff, and then the travel documents will be prepared later. Due to all this, the transfer of the deceased is likely to be postponed from Monday to Tuesday.

On the other hand, the Pakistani community in Germany has maintained on arranging the funeral in Frankfurt. This request has been sent to the officials of the Pakistani Consulate by the President of the Pakistani German Press Club, Saleem Pervez Butt.

Whereas, if the funeral is to be held in Frankfurt, it could be a major reason for the delay in the arrival of the dead body in Pakistan.

To arrange a funeral, you have to include German officials for documents and securities protocol.


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