Islamabad Capital Territory Police officials donate blood for thalassemia patients

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

03rd Apr, 2020. 10:09 pm
Islamabad Capital Territory Police officials donate blood for thalassemia patients

Islamabad Capital Territory Police officials have donated 250 bottles of blood for thallassemia patients.

According to a report approximately 100,000 patients are suffering from Thalassemia in Pakistan and every year 5,000 babies are born with this deadly disease and due to lockdown amid Coronavirus outbreak Thalassemia patients in the country are facing shortage of blood.


In this regards President of Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi also appealed nation for blood donation for Thalassaemia patients during his visit to Thalassemia Center at F-9 Park Islamabad.

President said “Thalassemia patients are very dear to me. These children need regular blood transfusions to live. I must thank the Islamabad policemen for donating blood on my request. During this Coronavirus epidemic let us not neglect them. We are undoubtedly a caring society. Kudos to all”

Blood donation saves many lives. The donated blood is given to the patients is to cure various diseases such as thalassemia and so on.  There are various blood banks available where people can donate blood to save others’ lives.

However, there is a constant debate about whether a smoker or person addicted to nicotine can donate blood or not.

A person who uses cigarettes or vapes is eligible to donate blood. However, the nicotine and harmful chemicals contaminate the blood of smokers and that can affect those people to whom the blood is donated.

According to the American Lincoln association, a cigarette, when burned, can produce dangerous chemicals including Carbon Monoxide, arsenic, ammonia, and others. Cancer-causing chemicals are also produced from burning a cigarette or using e-cigarettes.

According to the American Red Cross, people whose blood pressure remains 91/50 or 80/100 can donate blood.

Note that cigarettes can also cause high blood pressure.

Blood samples of smokers and non-smokers were compared in research in 2018. It was found that smoking does not affect the overall standard of the donated blood.

Whereas, the researchers have also told that red cells of the blood in smoker’s body contains more level of Carboxyhaemoglobin. COHb is formed in red blood cells due to carbon monoxide which lowers oxygen in the blood.

The researchers have suggested not to smoke 12 hours before donating the blood.

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