NASA's significant UFO report
Exist aliens? NASA’s significant UFO report to be released today

NASA's significant UFO report to be released today. The report's focus is likely to center on NASA's requirements. NASA emphasized...

PS5 new game is developed by a 13-Year-Old boy
PS5 new game is developed by a 13-Year-Old boy
Aliens may be hiding in 'terminator zones', says Experts
Aliens may be hiding in ‘terminator zones’, says Experts
Night Sky
Netizens Baffled: Mysterious Flying Object Spotted In Night Sky
Steven Speilberg
Steven Spielberg’s ET inspiration: Belief that ‘we’re not alone in the universe
UFO investigation finds no alien activity
Tadpole or UFO
Tadpole or UFO? Chinese video baffles internet
Delhi user
Delhi user spots ‘UFO’, learns it’s a smog-covered water tank 
Conspiracy theorists go berserk after seeing a NASA image of a crashed “UFO” on the Moon
After the military’s revelation of 11 “near misses,” a service man claims that the Air Force frequently fires at UFOs in combat areas
We’ve observed UFOs for 75 years; pilots have perished pursuing them, and we need explanations because we are unable to stop them
Brazilian pilots
During “Night of the UFOs,” Brazilian pilots come across “11,500 mph craft.”
NASA prepares scientists to investigate UFOs, risking reputation
UFO program
UFO program presented weapons Killer Space Lasers & Crowd-Control Heat
UFO expert blasts Pentagon’s ‘bombshell’ research on physical dangers of alien encounters
UFOs engaged in intimate relations and left one woman PREGNANT, Pentagon
After her first UFO encounter during a lockdown, a 29-year-old woman has ‘daily’ encounters with aliens
A mysterious ‘bulging triangular UFO’ was filmed over the city for two hours
SECP asks firms to file beneficial ownership declaration
High-speed objects
High-speed objects spotted by military pilots, NASA to study UFOs
UFO Pakistan
PIA Pilot Spotted UFO, Netizens Give Hilarious Reactions