Some people are accusing a real-life heroine like me, Meera

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

11th Nov, 2020. 09:50 am
Meera photos

Film star Meera seems to be unhappy as she held a press conference to “disclose details of her assets”.

During the conference, she accused people, without referring to the exact names, of accusing a real-life heroine. “Some people are accusing a real-life heroine like me.”

She was pushed to tears during the conference as she brought a script in her hand. She also warned to hang herself if allegations proved true, “If the allegations against me are proved true, I will hang myself.”

On the other hand, ‘Baaji’ actress claimed that she has given favors to a few people, “for the sake of humanity”. “I am a pure, virtuous, and truthful woman.”

“I present my records to all agencies. You may (try and) hold me accountable.”

An organizer Saleem Guddu had alleged that the film star ran after taking Rs100,000 advance and some dresses. He also claimed that she was due to appear in an event on November 6 in Hyderabad. He claimed that her fraud left him faced Rs600,000 loss. He made an appeal to the authorities.

In the press conference, Meera justified that she was innocent. She also said that she would be showing the bank statement to the media. However, she had a clash with some journalists later, she left the conference leaving her fathers and fellows behind.

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