US Election 2020: Response to Philadelphia police shooting

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

28th Oct, 2020. 06:47 pm

In the past few months, the U.S. has faced a reckoning over racial issues and lately protests in Philadelphia over police shooting of a black man have erupted again and thrown the prevailing problem into the spotlight.

Walter Wallace aged 27 was mercilessly shot down by the police on account of refusing to drop a knife he was holding. The victim’s family said he was experiencing a mental health crisis at that time. Hundreds of protesters have marched protesting through the city for two consecutive nights. Official reports say that 30 police officers were injured on Monday night.

“We cannot accept that in this country a mental health crisis ends in death,” Democratic Party candidates, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, said on Tuesday.

“It makes the shock and grief and violence of yesterday’s shooting that much more painful, especially for a community that has already endured so much trauma.” They also condemned the looting that took place on Monday, saying it was a crime.

Without providing any proof of a link, Donald Trump sought to tie the protestors to Biden, “Last night Philadelphia was torn up by Biden-supporting radicals,” he said on Tuesday.

“30 police officers, Philadelphia police officers, they were injured, some badly. Biden stands with the rioters, and I stand with the heroes of law enforcement.”

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