Who is Isabella DeLuca? Influencer’s Wiki, Age, and Rise to Stardom

Who is Isabella DeLuca? Influencer’s Wiki, Age, and Rise to Stardom

Who is Isabella DeLuca? Influencer’s Wiki, Age, and Rise to Stardom

Who is Isabella DeLuca? Influencer’s Wiki, Age, and Rise to Stardom


The 23-year-old conservative influencer Isabella DeLuca, born on February 1, 2000, became embroiled in a heated online feud with ex-Major League Baseball star Aubrey Huff. The dispute ignited when Huff’s tweet appeared to downplay DeLuca’s achievements, reducing them solely to her sexuality and triggering widespread controversy.

All About Influencer Isabella DeLuca

Quick info
Full NameIsabella Maria DeLuca.
Birth DateFebruary 1, 2000.
Birth PlaceWashington, DC.
ParentsFather: Luigi.
Mother: Anna.
Follow on
Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5′ 4″.
In centimeters: 162.5 cm.
In meters: 1.625 m.
CollegeStony Brook University.
ProfessionSocial Media Personality.

Refusing to retreat, DeLuca retaliated with proof—a revealing screenshot of a Twitter DM displaying Aubrey’s Christmas proposition. Following her swift rejoinder, Huff briefly vanished from Twitter, only to resurface later, reigniting the contentious discussion.

This coverage delves into the ongoing saga between Isabella DeLuca and Aubrey Huff, delving into the intricacies of their clash. Stay tuned for further revelations and insights as this high-profile controversy continues to unfold. Continue scrolling to uncover the complete story behind this compelling confrontation.

Isabella DeLuca and Aubrey Huff Clash

The turmoil ignited when prominent right-wing activist Rachel Wilson criticized Isabella DeLuca’s cake-making video on Twitter last October. Wilson, along with others, escalated the critique, challenging DeLuca’s commitment to Christianity and conservative values, accusing her of attention-seeking through photos.


On January 1, 2024, Aubrey Huff unexpectedly entered the online fray, dubbing the dispute between the two women a “cat fight.” Huff claimed that individuals like DeLuca contribute only “sexuality” to discussions, alleging attention-seeking behavior, financial struggles, drama creation, distorted self-worth, and a lack of accountability.

Responding swiftly, DeLuca countered Huff’s remarks by sharing a screenshot of a direct message she alleges Huff sent on December 25: “Hey beautiful, let’s collab over cocktails and bad decisions.” Surprisingly, Huff appeared to delete his Twitter account shortly after DeLuca exposed the message.

Upon Huff’s return to Twitter, he faced criticism for deleting his post and making a comeback, deemed by many as the “worst decision.” Huff explained that he took a break during a vacation with his kids to avoid distractions.

Isabella’s Fight with Suicidal Thoughts

Born on February 1, 2000, Isabella DeLuca grew up in Washington, DC, in the company of her parents, Luigi and Anna. Her family’s bustling pizzeria on the Upper East Side attracted crowds throughout the day.


Recognized for her bold views and distinctive blonde appearance, this political commentator has a younger brother named Johnny. Yet, beneath her public persona lies a less-explored narrative of resilience during a challenging period when she grappled with thoughts of self-harm.

In a candid social media post, she courageously disclosed her struggles with attempting self-harm on multiple occasions. The pivotal moment came when she realized the profound impact it could have on her younger brother, Johnny, motivating her to persevere.

Fortunately, Isabella triumphed over those dark moments, refocusing on completing her high school education. In 2018, she proudly graduated from high school and went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from Stony Brook University.

Isabella DeLuca’s Career

Isabella Maria DeLuca has emerged as a prominent conservative figure within the realm of social media influencers. Just over two years ago, she made her mark in political discourse by creating and sharing right-wing videos on TikTok, which quickly gained widespread attention across various social platforms.


As a dedicated advocate, Isabella has held the position of Ambassador for Turning Point USA, a pivotal conservative organization. Actively involved in the New York Young Republicans Club, she brings a wealth of diverse experiences, including serving as the Press Secretary for a major conservative women’s organization in the United States.

Isabella has honed her skills through internships, collaborating with Rep. Lee Zeldin in his local office and working on Capitol Hill with Rep. Paul Gosar. Her perspectives have found expression on notable platforms such as Newsmax and Real America’s Voice.

Recognizing the importance of addressing critical global and national issues on social media, especially to connect with younger audiences, Isabella has amassed a substantial following. This indicates that her conservative messages resonate with a wide audience.

Isabella DeLuca FAQs

Ques: How old is Isabella DeLuca?

Ans: Isabella is 23.


Ques: Who are Isabella DeLuca parents?

Ans: Luigi and Anna.

Ques: Who is Isabella DeLuca boyfriend?

Ans: Isabella has not disclosed.

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