President and Chief News Officer Faysal Aziz Khan

An award-wining seasoned journalist, human right defender, and media executive with 25 years of accomplished career track of providing end-to-end leadership in Pakistan’s print, electronic and digital media. Successfully led top 3 news media houses, 4 national & international journalists associations, hosted more than 5000 TV Shows & Live news transmission, wrote 4000 plus exclusive investigative reports, and conducted 28 capacity-building workshops for empowering 900 media professionals with international stakeholders. Khan is also an innovator who ideated to revolutionize the newsrooms & media education sector and turned them into a digital-first platform while supervising “The President Initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Computing”. He is an advocate for human rights and the including of traditionally underrepresented people in media leadership and his focused most of his career to fight for human rights, specifically journalists, HRDs and underprivileged women.

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