Twitter will no longer suspend Pakistani accounts Sci-Tech

Twitter will not terminate Pakistani accounts

Social networking website Twitter will no longer unilaterally suspend or terminate user accounts originating from Pakistan, according to a statement. On August...

FM to bear upgradation cost of FO website Sci-Tech

FM to bear upgradation cost of Foreign Office website: FO spokesperson

The Foreign Office rejected reports on Friday that it has awarded a contract for up gradation and handling of its official website...

Uber introduces helicopter service at New York airport
Sci-Tech / 2 weeks ago

Uber expands its helicopter service to and from JFK airport

Ride-hailing service Uber is taking to the air in the metropolis' Manhattan...

Twitter lets users sideline unwanted direct messages
Sci-Tech / 2 weeks ago

Twitter introduces new feature to prevent from unwanted messages

Twitter on Monday said it is rolling out a filter that will...

Apple unveils iPhone 11 models, with price cut
Sci-Tech / 1 month ago

Apple unveils iPhone 11 models with triple camera setup

Tech giant Apple unveiled the new iPhone 11 at its annual media...

Google reveals iPhone data hack
Sci-Tech / 2 months ago

Google uncovered years-long ‘indiscriminate’ iPhone hack

Google security experts uncovered an "indiscriminate" hacking operation that targeted iPhones over...

5th annual robotic exhibition in Beijing
Sci-Tech / 2 months ago

Beijing hosts 5th Annual Robotic Exhibition

Superheroes, exoskeletons, and musical robots are all on show in Beijing. They're...

5G to be launched in Pakistan
Sci-Tech / 2 months ago

Pakistan will soon drive towards 5G technology

Pakistan has become the first country in South East Asia to have...

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

China: Successful experience of unmanned aircraft

China has successfully tested another unmanned airliner that can fly at 8,000...

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

Humanoid robot competition kicks off in China

The 10th International Humanoid Robot Olympic Competition has begun in southern China....

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

Samsung announces foldable smartphones to hit market soon

Samsung has announced that its new foldable smartphone will be released in...

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

FTC hits Facebook with $5 billion fine and new privacy checks

The Federal Trade Commission revealed the details of Facebook on Wednesday, saying...

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

New light-weight electric car can be parked on a wall

The Nobe 100 is a new lightweight electric car currently offered for...

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

World’s longest electric road trip ends in New Zealand

A Dutch sustainability advocate completed the longest ever journey in an electric...

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

FaceApp under fire, now responds to privacy concerns

After Snapchat’s baby filter and gender swap filter, netizens are now obsessed...

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

Tesla Vehicle Safety Report Provides Updated Autopilot & Fire Data

Tesla has released its new Autopilot safety report for the second quarter...

Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

Toyota is set to build 200 electric shuttles for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Toyota is known as a larger in the auto industry when it...