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Pak Vs Ban Live Updates Latest
Latest / 3 weeks ago

Pakistan Vs Bangladesh, 2nd T20 – Live Updates

Pakistan won the match with 9 wickets against Bangladesh. Pakistan vs Bangladesh, 2nd T20 - Live Updates Bangladesh scored in 136 runs...

Pakistani Rupee to Dollar Business
Business / 4 weeks ago

Pakistani Rupee to Stay Stable in the Interbank Market Against Dollar

This week, rupee increased by 29 paisas by trading at 154.85 against the greenback in the interbank market. The previous closing, the...

Latest / 4 weeks ago

Do Women Prefer Men With Beard or Clean Shave ?

Women are attracted to masculine, bearded faces- but some find beards less...3

Taylor Swift Reserved Gym justin bieber left
Entertainment / 4 weeks ago

Justin Bieber Asked to Depart From Gym, as Taylor Swift Reserved It

Pop singer Justin Bieber' asked to get out of the gym, as...4

WhatsApp Call Record
Latest / 4 weeks ago

How to Record a WhatsApp Call on iPhone and Android ?

Call Record is indeed a useful feature; most importantly, who uses WhatsApp...5

Latest / 2 months ago

WhatsApp is all set to launch its Dark Mode feature

WhatsApp dark theme for iOS is going to be released very soon....6

Allee Willis
Entertainment / 2 months ago

Allee Willis, songwriter of Friends theme died

A songwriter, Allie Willis, has died at the age of 72 years....7

Leonardo, Morrone
Entertainment / 2 months ago

Are you waiting for Leonardo, Morrone Marriage like DiCaprio’s mother?

Leonardo DiCaprio's Mother asking Him to Marry Camila Morrone Soon. Since the...8

YouTube Crack Down
Latest / 2 months ago

Why Did YouTube Crack Down on Crypto Channels?

In case you are following Crypto Twitter from the past 48 hours,...9

Business / 2 months ago

Pakistan Under Operation by Chinese Mobility Giant

ISLAMABAD: A Chinese technology organization named Timeasaco is about to launch a...10

Pakistani noble laureate
International / 2 months ago

The most popular teenager of this decade, Malala

As per the reviews of the United Nations, Malala Yousufzai has become...11

Japan Birth Rate
International / 2 months ago

Another Low Record of Japan’s birth rate in 2019

The demographic crisis of Japan is becoming worse since the fast-graying country...12

China will not withdraw CPEC Funds
Business / 3 months ago

China Will Not Withdraw CPEC funds, Response Turned America Speechless

The Chinese ambassador said that China has always helped Pakistan beyond political...13

Downloaded App TikTok
Sci-Tech / 3 months ago

Shocking Report On Most Download App TikTok ?

Tik Tok became the most downloaded app in Pakistan. According to details,...14

special court
Pakistan / 3 months ago

Treason case decision reserved, petition filed by Pervez Musharraf

Treason case decision reserved, a petition filed by Pervez Musharraf Former president...

Michael Jackson Music Biopic
Entertainment / 3 months ago

Michael Jackson Music Biopic Reported In The Works

A Movie on Michael Jackson Biography A film on the complete personal...

Indian praised Modi for depositing Money to his Account
International / 3 months ago

Indian Praised Modi for Depositing Money to his Account

According to details, Madhya Pradesh, on finding a handsome amount in his...

Karachi Robberies, three Housemaids, arrested by Police
Pakistan / 3 months ago

Karachi Robberies, three Housemaids, arrested by Police

As per details, on Saturday Police have arrested three women being involved...

Israeli Company Steal Mobile Data of Top Officials From 20 Countries
International / 3 months ago

Israeli Company Steal Mobile Data of Top Officials From 20 Countries

Ministry of IT issued Advisory on Stolen Mobile Data of Higher Officials...

Muslim Woman Rescue Jewish Family From Religious Hatred in London
Trending / 3 months ago

Muslim Woman Rescue Jewish Family From Religious Hatred in London

A Muslim woman has been spotted while stopping by a black man...

New Gas and Oil Reserves Discovered in Sindh
Pakistan / 3 months ago

Good news for Pakistan, New Gas and Oil Reserves Discovered in Sindh

According to details, Good news for Pakistan, discovery of underground gas and...