Ranveer Singh’s Anniyan faces legal trouble

Sarfaraz RizviWeb Editor

31st Aug, 2021. 04:02 pm

The producer of Anniyan, Aascar Ravichandran, has stated that the Hindi remake starring Ranveer Singh is being made without his permission: ‘I own the film’s copyright.’

Ravichandran told, “I’m going to court against Shankar and Jayantilal Gada. They cannot make the film without my permission because I own the copyright to it and no one else has any rights to it because I am the author of the film.”

Shankar responded to the director’s complaint by stating that he wrote the script for Anniyan, which everyone knows. “He can say and claim anything, but everyone knows that ‘Anniyan’ is my film, and I hired him to direct it,” Ravichandran added. He went on to say that SIFCC has been there for him and that they have spoken with the Mumbai film association.

Shankar had previously retaliated against Ravichandran, stating that “as the admitted author of the literary work, my rights cannot be interfered with under any circumstances.” He added that there was no way the rights to the film could be vested in Ravichandran and called the charges “baseless.”

The 2005 psychological action thriller starred South star Vikram and told the story of a man with multiple personality disorder who works as a lawyer by day and a vigilante by night.

The Anniyan remake was announced as a pan-India project in April of this year. The film, co-produced by Pen Studios and God Bless Entertainment, is set to begin production in mid-2022.

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