Hira Mani’s New Video Takes Wrong Turn

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

27th Jan, 2021. 10:10 pm
Hira Mani video

Hira Mani’s song Sawaari becomes one of the viral songs in the country with over 4 million views on YouTube.

Hira Mani is a Pakistani television actress. She has been a part of many super-hit drama serials including Jab We Wed, Preet Na Kariyo Koi, Sun Yaara Yaqeen Ka Safar, Thays, Do Bol, and Kashf.

The actress is admired by many women as she balances her work and house at the same time. Apart from acting, Hira has always showcased her melodious voice in various interviews, social media posts. She even sang many OSTs of her drama serials.

Recently, the Kashf actress got famous for singing the groovy song Sawaari. The hype of the song took over the country like a storm, however, Hira got under hot water for modifying the song.


Hira shared a video in which she could be seen singing her hit song Sawaari to her son Ibrahim. But unintentionally she said,

“Karna Na Koi Shetani Warna Thappar Dungi Ibrahim Dayen Bayen Se”.

Netizens Reaction:

After listening to the modified version of the songs, netizens started to bash Hira for promoting violence against children.

One of the social media users wrote,

“This is not funny. The whole world talks of the importance of language and expression with your children, and here we are mocking foul language, normalizing the use of hands, because we have had enough?
A) it’s not funny
B) if she does it or doesn’t, it shouldn’t be used to applaud audiences on social media.
C) mum is tired? What about passing on the same actions and language to the kids.
Then when they’re older, abuse their wives, talk down to their kids’ help and people in general, who will we blame then?”

Another user wrote,

“Teaching children to solve problems with violence. 👏👏👏👏 This is why it is important to educate your daughters. They are the mothers of the nation.”

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