Dwayne Johnson to run for president in the next US President Elections

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

19th Feb, 2021. 11:28 am
Dwayne Johnson president elections

Famous wrestler and Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has expressed his interest in the future US presidency, but he linked the decision entirely to the wishes of the people and left it in their hands.

Speaking to an American newspaper, Dwayne Johnson said that he is very serious in this regard, “I will consider running in the US presidential election in the future if the people want.”

Dwayne Johnson added that he would make the decision based on the people’s decision.

In the recent presidential election in the United States, Dwayne Johnson openly supported Joe Biden and his party.

Dwayne Johnson recently made his way back to television with the premiere episode of the sitcom ‘Young Rock’.

The sitcom features the life of Johnson in four key phases. The former WWE champion has co-created and executive produced the show. The Rock can be seen in the show running for the highest office in the country. The show also features 1982, 1987, and 1990 when the Brahma Bull was growing up.

Dwayne had earlier announced the beginning of the sitcom.



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