Actress Meera schools men on respecting the opposite gender

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

22nd Aug, 2021. 04:13 pm

Actress Meera says that respect girls so much that one day they will be forced to tease you.

Actress Meera often makes headlines because of her statements. While the condemnation messages of the artists are coming out on the Minar Pakistan incident in the country, Meera G has made such a statement on this issue that even the social media users have been shocked and upset.

A tik-tok video of actress Meera is going viral on social media in which she is seen advising boys. My dear “respect girls, respect, culture, morality, respect girls so much that one day they will be forced to tease you”.

This video of Meera G is going viral on social media and people are commenting that the actress is very clever and says such things on purpose.

It should be noted that Ayesha Akram was harassed by 400 men on August 14 at Minar Pakistan in Lahore. After the video of the incident came to light, there was outrage over the tragic incident across the country. The incident was also condemned by showbiz artists. The government has taken action on the incident.

After the incident, a video of another woman being harassed went viral in Lahore in which an obscene young man stepped in Chingchi, and escaped after kissing the girl shamelessly.



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