”Don’t be yourself on first date!” Aamna Ilyas leaves fans laughing

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

24th Aug, 2021. 12:59 pm
Aamna Ilyas

Aamna Ilyas, a well-known Pakistani TV and film actress, has made another Snack video, which has her admirers rolling on the floor laughing.

The actress portrays a girlfriend who sits next to her lover at a maiden dinner in the video. As the two of them continue their talk over supper, Aamna Ilyas pauses and burps, excusing her lover.

When her partner catches her burping, he tells her to relax and that it’s perfectly fine to do so in public.


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The boyfriend responds to Aamna in a funny tone and says, ‘‘It is alright?”.

Aamna emphasizes that burping in public is not acceptable, and after her boyfriend’s mocking demands that she agrees with him, she finally says, “Are you sure?”

Fans are rolling on the floor laughing at what happens next! She burps a lot while sitting next to her partner, which catches him off guard and makes the actress’ fans burst out laughing.

The video quickly went viral after Aamna published it on her Instagram account, enthralling millions of her followers who couldn’t stop commenting on the actress’s heartfelt and realistic performance.

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