‘Nobody will dictate my creativity’: Ali Gul Pir hits back at haters after recreating Lili Reinhart’s Met Gala look

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13th Oct, 2021. 03:36 pm
Ali Gul Pir Met Gala

Leading Pakistani actor, singer, and comedian Ali Gul Pir has recreated a rib-tickling Lili Reinhart’s Met gala look and has received severe backlash from netizens.

Ali Gul Pir has ruffled a few feathers by donning a pink dress as an entertaining recreation of Lili Reinhart’s look. But, several users are now arguing whether Pir’s content is even funny. “I never judge anyone except those who find his content funny,” tweeted a user.

“Gul Pir: Wo to bs Begairat hai But me usy Barra Begairat hun (She is shameless, but I am more shameless),” added another sharing Pir’s transformation.

“Life was going somewhat good till I saw this tweet,” tweeted one more. “Heard Pir was not able to attend the court hearing because he couldn’t find his dupatta,” chimed in another.

Now, the content creator has responded to the hate online. “I will wear what I want to, make want I want to and say what I want to,” he tweeted, unapologetically. “Nobody will define my masculinity or dictate my creativity. Don’t hate me because I make you feel insecure,” asserted the celebrity.

Some had even sparked a discussion about his legs. “When you realize Ali Pir has more shapely and hairless legs than you,” a netizen pointed out casually. Another commented beneath his post, “Wohoo, the shaved legs.” To this, Pir replied, “Legs are naturally not hairy. Every desi man isn’t hairy.”

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