Tabish Hashmi is the first performer in the LSA lineup

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08th Oct, 2021. 03:20 pm

The Lux Style Awards are in full swing, and there’s an exciting new addition to the lineup – Tabish Hashmi.

Tabish Hashmi is one of Pakistan’s few comedians who has made fans swoon with their performance in such a short period of time. For those who haven’t seen his work, he is the host of the popular YouTube show TBH with Tabish Hashmi.

Tabish revealed his excitement for the award show in a recent interview with a news channel.

“Usually, people say that they had not thought of success on a big scale,  but we knew it all along. After every interview, almost all guests would complement the show, saying that they had never given an interview like this. It was those moments when we figured that the show will be a hit when it is on air,” Tabish laughed.

Tabish discussed the revival of comedy in Pakistan, as well as his efforts to restore Pakistan’s legacy that had been lost over the years.

“The momentum of comedy had been discontinued for a couple of years, I simply helped restore it,” Tabish said.

Before signing off, Tabish emphasized that his current position in the industry is solely due to the people who adore him.

“All the success is because of my fans. Please keep giving feedback, good and bad. I’ll try my best to live up to your expectations,” Tabish stated.

Click here to see Tabish’s BTS moment:

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