Connect Your iPhone to This Wifi Network at Your Own Risk

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

21st Jun, 2021. 11:25 am
Connect Your iPhone to This Wifi Network at Your Own Risk

Connecting to a wifi network with the name “% p % s % s % s % s % n” causes a bug and destroys the wifi functionality on your iPhone. Fortunately, you can correct it.

If you have an iPhone, be careful of an unusual wifi network called “% p % s % s % s % s % n.” This name produces a troublesome bug. If you don’t want your phone’s wifi to shut down, don’t connect to this network.

Carl Schou, a security researcher, discovered the defect and reported it on Twitter. Schou claimed that after joining the network “% p % s % s % s % s % s % n,” his iPhone’s wifi functionality was permanently disabled. The problem also affects iPads and services such as AirDrop. Even after rebooting or changing the SSID of the hotspot, the devices are unable to connect to wifi networks.

Schou did not specify how he discovered the problem, but it was verified by other Twitter users who attempted to join a wifi network with that name. When linked to the same network, the wifi on Android phones does not appear to break.

Fortunately, the defect does not appear to cause permanent damage to your Apple hardware and is easily repairable.

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