GB WhatsApp Update: What Is GB WhatsApp? Is It Safe To Use?

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

30th Jun, 2021. 09:12 pm
WhatsApp Removes Their Newly Launched Feature

GB WhatsApp is very famous these days, but a lot of people are having questions about it.

Let’s apprehend how it is different from WhatsApp, is it safe to use? And what are the disadvantages?

The name of WhatsApp comes first whenever the instant messaging app is concerned.

WhatsApp is the most frequently used messaging app that offers features given to the users according to their suitability.

However, this app is most disused these days. This is not a new version of WhatsApp, but it is a completely different app. However, cautiousness is being directed while using it.

GB WhatsApp is a clone App

Messaging, video, and audio calls can be done like WhatsApp in GB WhatsApp. You can also modify this clone app of WhatsApp according to your needs. Apart from this, extra features for easy usage have also been given in the App.

However, using it can be dangerous.

It may be a threat

Experts are claiming that GB WhatsApp can drip important data from your phone.

Using this app can cause the closure of your WhatsApp account.

You cannot download it from Google Play Store.

You can download it only with the help of an APK file from the official website or online portal. However, to avoid any danger, it is only right for you not to download it.


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