Facebook started testing one of Twitter’s most beneficial post features

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

06th Jul, 2021. 01:23 pm
Facebook started testing one of Twitter’s most beneficial post features

Every popular social networking site adds features that add value to its platform on a routine basis, and some networks even include features that are “inspired” by other social networks if they are successful or prove to be beneficial.

Facebook is currently testing the ability to link a number of postings together, similar to Twitter’s Thread feature for tweets, after recently adding support for Live Audio Rooms to replicate features from social audio app Clubhouse.

According to a set of screenshots supplied by Matt Navarra, Facebook has started testing the ability to add messages to a thread for several accounts, about four and a half years after Twitter initially added support for posting tweets in a thread. The images shared inform users that they can start a thread by adding another post to any existing one.

While Twitter implemented the feature in 2017 to assist users to send Tweets one after another while still allowing users to follow a conversation, it was primarily due to the platform’s character limit per tweet.

Facebook begins testing one of Twitter's most useful post features, here's  what post threads could look like | HT Tech

While Facebook users do not have to worry about character limits — the service apparently permits up to 63,206 characters per post – the threads feature for postings might be useful during live events, when the continuity of a series of posts would be linked by a visual indicator.

According to the screenshot, all posts added to a thread will have the same privacy settings as the original post – or the first post in the thread. The business has also confirmed this new thread functionality for posts, and the tool is currently being tested for a “limited number of public figures.”

According to the report, this feature would include a new View Post Thread button, which sounds like it will help users figure out which postings are in the correct sequence in a thread. However, the company has not stated whether or not the tool will be made available to all users, or whether it would remain a feature reserved for prominent public figures.

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