Google Chrome will soon get a ‘HTTPS-Only Mode’ feature

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

02nd Jul, 2021. 01:25 pm
Google Chrome will soon get a ‘HTTPS-Only Mode' feature

According to 9to5Google, Google Chrome will be gaining an ‘HTTPS-only mode’ soon. The new feature, which will apparently be available on Google Chrome, is reported to be optional. If you enable the mode, any website using the HTTP protocol will be automatically “upgraded” to the HTTPS protocol if it is accessible.

If no protocol is specified, Google Chrome currently will use HTTPS by default. Chrome’s new ‘HTTPS-only mode’ is apparently in testing and will be released alongside Chrome 93 or Chrome 94. HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol, while the addition of S indicates secure browsing.

According to the report, the code for the ‘HTTPS-only mode’ was found on the Chromium Gerrit website. When the firm ultimately releases the new safe browsing mode, it will be available on Chrome for Web, Android, and Chrome OS.

The ‘HTTPS-only mode’ will be visible on Chrome’s Security page after activation. You can locate it under the Settings > Security > Advanced menu. The secure browsing mode will be shown as ‘Always use secure connections to activate the secure browsing mode’. The setting would be turned off by default.

When you choose ‘HTTPS-only mode,’ Chrome will automatically “upgrade” websites from HTTP to HTTPS. Unless a user specifies otherwise, Chrome will use the HTTPS protocol by default.

When a website does not have an HTTPS version, Chrome displays an interstitial warning page before returning to the HTTP version.

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