Transparent Hands provides health facilities in Tharparker

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26th Aug, 2021. 12:46 pm

KARACHI: Tharparker is the biggest district of Sindh and the most deprived area regarding health facilities. Recent reports of health facilities provided by the provincial government exposed the reality. However, a trust foundation came forward realising the gravity of healthcare in the district.

The lack of primary healthcare facilities urges welfare organisations and healthcare trust organisations to play their part in providing basic health amenities to the otherwise deprived residents of Tharparker.

Responding to this demand, Transparent Hands decided to organise free medical camps in various areas of Tharparker.

When it comes to crowd funding for health, there is no platform bigger than Transparent Hands in Pakistan.

The range of healthcare services offered by the trust is astoundingly vast. From medical and surgical treatments to medical camps and tele-health facilities, the trust makes sure that the underprivileged Pakistanis have access to quality healthcare services.

The organisation believes in creating a patient-donor bond, while making sure that the protocols of transparency aren’t breached at any point.

It also realises the need for free medical camps in the rural areas; hence, it actively sets up such camps, as well.

To donate, donors can log into the Transparent Hands crowd funding web portal from anywhere in the world.

The payment modes are 100 per cent secure. Every donor has absolute freedom in selecting and funding patients of their choice. The trust ensures that regular updates until complete recovery are sent to the donor.

“We now switch our focus towards the efforts made by Transparent Hands in far-flung areas of the Tharparker district. Free medical camps were organised with the sole intention of providing quality healthcare facilities to the underprivileged resident and patients of this district.”

Conducting these medical camps, the Covid-19 SOPs were followed, free face masks and sanitizers were distributed among the attendees, as well.

The participants in these free medical camps were offered, not only free medicines and consultation but quality diagnostic services, as well. Testing for Hepatitis B and C, hyper and hypoglycemia, and hypertension was also performed.

The theme was constant in all of the free medical camps conducted in different areas of Tharparker. This medical camp was organised and managed on June 24, 2021.

Around 375 patients who attended this medical camp were checked entirely free-of-charge. It may not sound like a big number to many of you, but checking on so many people in these testing times of the pandemic itself is quite a challenge!

A challenge that Transparent Hands accepted and managed very well. Of all these patients, eight patients were advised surgical procedures, while one hepatitis positive patient was found, as well. Since Transparent Hands had always championed the right of access to quality healthcare services (even at an advanced level) for everyone, these patients will be provided all the help that they need to fight and defeat their diseases and disorders. And this good deed wasn’t limited to Umerkot only! Transparent Hands does this at the majority of free medical camps organised by the trust.

This free medical camp was conducted on June 23, 2021. The objective of the camp held at The Nath Maternal and Child Care Centre Islamkot was the same as many other free medical camps organised in other areas of the district, i.e., provision of basic health amenities to the underprivileged patients.

A total of 248 such patients were a part of this camp, who were provided access to free medicines, free diagnostic testing, free consultation, and certain other healthcare amenities.

This free medical camp was held at the Ali Murad Shah Medical Centre in Mithi. Like many other areas of Tharparker, Mithi is another area that needs serious attention with regard to healthcare facilities. Keeping this in mind, Transparent Hands organised a free medical camp for the patients of this area on June 22, 2021. A total of 119 patients were provided free medical care and consultation.

Seven of the patients that attended the medical camp were advised surgical assistance, two patients were found to be hepatitis positive. These patients are now in the caring hands of Transparent Hands, where they will be provided further assistance in their healthcare demands.

Organised at the Al Hamad Islamic Public School on June 25, 2021, the objectives of this free medical camp were the same as the other free medical camps organised by Transparent Hands in the Tharparker district.

A total of 341 patients attended this free medical camp, five cases of medical and surgical nature were found out. But now these patients are much more relieved since Transparent Hands registered them and has vowed to take care of them in the best manner possible.

It is not just Tharparker though. The medical camps were organised by Transparent Hands in other regions and districts of Sindh, as well. Some of the other areas targeted by Transparent Hands included Kotri, Larkana, etc. It was made sure that the patients who attended these medical camps were provided all the necessary healthcare amenities that were not available to them otherwise.

The fact that there are many other areas in the country like Tharparkar, which needs helping hands when it comes to healthcare is quite concerning. If it were not for organisations like Transparent Hands, things could have taken a very ugly route. One hopes that more and more trust organisations and INGOs will step forward, and provide world-class healthcare facilities to the residents of Tharparker, and many other underprivileged patients in the country.

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