African ‘Nutritious Burger Patty’ is made from 500,000 Flies

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

28th Sep, 2021. 04:49 pm
African ‘Nutritious Burger Patty’ is made from 500,000 Flies

African ‘Nutritious Burger Patty’ is made from 500,000 Flies

A burger patty made from thousands of flies is a unique treat in Africa!

Thousands of tiny flies swarm above Lake Victoria in Africa during the rainy season. The flies are so thick that they may suffocate someone. However, it did not deter anyone from approaching it. These bugs provide a rich source of nutrition for them.

It must have a unique flavor because even birds flock to the free feast during the rainy season. However, because there are so many flies that birds can’t eat them all, the villagers have always had enough.

Eating flies, or any bug for that matter, may sound disgusting to you, but it’s a godsend to those who haven’t had enough to eat. As a result, the locals catch the midges and use them to make burger patties.

It is not necessary to have complicated tools to catch the clouds of swarming flies. Pots and frying pans lined with oil are enough to trap the flies because they nearly block out the sky.

Once the flies have been trapped, they are fried in the same way that conventional patties are, with the exception that these burgers are charcoal-black.

Each patty contains approximately 500,000 flies and is claimed to be seven times healthier than a traditional beef burger.

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