Ayu Larassanti voiceovers Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Suhaib Ahmed

21st Sep, 2021. 11:56 pm
Ayu Larassanti voiceover Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Ayu Larassanti voiceover Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena: Bridge of Spirits developer, Ember Labs asked Ayu Larassanti to voice-over Kena, the main character in their upcoming game Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure game inspired by the Japanese and Balinese cultures, which is releasing on 21st September.

The game follows a young spirit guide who uses her magical abilities to help deceased people move on from the physical to the spirit world.

Ayu was inspired by Kena’s hope, kindness, and desire “to help others, no matter how difficult.”

For Ayu, “a fantastic representation of the flexibility and the meaning of Gamelan.” The Ember Lab team was innovative but “respectful while working with instruments and music that are used in sacred settings.”

Ayu added that her connection to Kena was magical from the start and brings an authenticity to her performance that can’t be denied!

Ayu Larassanti said, “Our biggest similarities are perseverance and our connections to our fathers. Kena works hard to overcome challenges and succeeds in helping others while drawing from the experiences of her father and always referring to him lovingly … I persevere when faced with challenges, adapt to find an efficient solution, and make it work to the best of my ability. Additionally, I feel joy and fulfilment when I am able to help others in whatever capacity they need. I also have a strong relationship with my own dad. He has taught me everything I know about Gamelan and my Balinese heritage, and I have always looked up to him. In fact, we have such similar characteristics and features that people say I am a photocopy of him! I could learn so much from Kena. She inspires me to be a more patient, brave, and kind person.”

She recalls getting a little cramped in the recording booth while performing the “effort sounds,” essential for adventure and combat games.

She added, “I needed to use my body which meant I had to throw some punches in a small space. I kept hitting the microphone with my head, or the wall of the booth with my arm, or running into the little table with my script. It was hilarious! It was definitely a workout but it was so much fun!”

In the game, Kena collects small spirit companions called the Rot, who helps her in the completion of the tasks and battle against enemies.

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