Netflix launches its free plan for users

Suhaib Ahmed

21st Sep, 2021. 10:11 pm
Netflix launches its free plan for users

Netflix launches its free plan for users

Netflix has launched a free subscription plan for users in Kenya with an Android phone. This is the Netflix attempt to get more users in the African market. 

When users sign up, no payment information is required just enter an email address and create a password, but the user should be 18 or above.

The offer is for one-quarter of all content that’s offered with a paid subscription. Shows that are included; ‘Blood & Water’, ‘Money Heist’, ‘Lupin’, ‘Dynasty’, ‘Bridgerton’, ‘Army of the Dead’, ‘The Witcher’, among others.

Netflix is used in more than 190 countries and has previously taken steps to boost usage in Africa, including the creation of a paid mobile-only plan and partnerships with local telecom operators to ease payments.

Holding 209 million subscribers globally, Netflix is the world’s biggest streaming service, but the African continent is seen as an untapped goldmine of users and one of its final frontiers in its bid for world domination.

However, Netflix only has 1.4 million subscribers on the African continent, 13 million in the UK and 74 million in North America.

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