Pakistan sends eight trucks of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

02nd Oct, 2021. 11:23 pm
afghan food crisis

A statement from the Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum stated Pakistan has provided eight more truckloads of humanitarian aid to the people of Afghanistan.

According to the statement, the aid comprising of flour, rice, and pulses, was handed by Landi Kotal Assistant Commissioner Akber Iftikhar to be in charge of the Torkham border crossing, Ghaziullah Hashmi.

“Afghanistan counterparts gratefully accepted the aid and prayed for better relationships with each other in [the] future,” the forum’s statement said.

The Pak-Afghan Cooperation Forum through the Ghulam Khan Border earlier had handed over four trucks carrying 70 tons of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

The trucks were carrying flour, sugar, rice, oil, and pulses. Ameer of Khost received the aid from Assistant Commissioner of Miranshah.

However, in addition to sending aid to Afghanistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan and other government officials have time and again commended the international community to involve with the Taliban-led government to prevent a possible humanitarian crisis in the country.

The organization head had stated that the Turkish Red Crescent is sending aid to Afghanistan through Pakistan to provide feed to internally expatriate people in need amidst confusion following the Taliban’s takeover.

Half a million people have been displaced in Afghanistan in recent months, according to UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, a number which would grow if health services, schools, and the economy break down.

Turkish Red Crescent President Kerem Kinik said the consignment of food would be sent from Pakistan to Kabul and deliver to 16,000 people for a month.

“There is a serious food crisis right now. Public order needs to be provided for local production,” he told a Private news agency on the telephone, quoting a break in international trade, drought, and a waning in international aid as reasons for the problem.


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