Panic attack and its common signs

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20th Oct, 2021. 04:10 pm

Image Courtesy: Anxiety and Depression Association of America, ADAA

Panic attacks normally take place in stressful situations when a person is struggling to fight for mental peace, while anxiety leaves the person’s heart racing instead. Every person faces panic attacks at least once in a lifetime; however, frequent attacks could indicate harm for the mental well-being.

The most common signs of panic include nervous diarrhea, sudden chest tightening (like that of a common heart attack), sudden fear and loss of appetite. The sudden overwhelming sensation and lower blood pressure are the extreme signs of anxiety and panic attacks. Some people believe panic attack when washes away, leaves the person extremely drained out and exhausted.

Some common ways to deal with panic attacks include taking deep breaths and engaging oneself in other interesting activities. Taking a nap in such situations sounds unrealistic; however, listening to soft music or meditating also helps relieving stress and overcoming panic attacks.