Motorway rape case: Suspect’s DNA matches with woman’s samples

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

12th Sep, 2020. 09:52 pm
Motorway rape case DNA matched

A progress has been achieved in Lahore motorway rape case on Saturday as the suspect’s DNA has matched with the samples taken from the victim, sources told.

According to sources, the suspect’s DNA sample was already present in the Forensic Science Agency’s DNA bank, which matched with the samples taken from the motorway rape victim.

Police said that the suspect has a criminal record and that important progress has been made in the case, however, he has not been arrested yet.

IG Punjab refused to defend victim-blaming comments by CCPO Lahore

Inspector General IG Punjab Inam Ghani on Saturday refused to defend the victim-blaming comments by Lahore Capital City Police Officer (CCPO) Umar Sheikh on the Lahore motorway rape incident.

Stressing that in “no way the victim can be blamed for the horrific event”, IG Punjab said: “[The] guard cannot tell the owner of the house to protect their belongings themselves.”

Meanwhile, Law Minister Raja Basharat had also termed the CCPO’s statement ‘inappropriate’ and maintained that he does not approve or agree with whatever the CCPO had earlier said.

CCPO Lahore ‘Inappropriate’ Victim-Blaming Remarks

CCPO Lahore landed in hot water after he put the blame on the Lahore motorway gang-rape incident. In his remarks, the CCPO wondered why the woman took the route to travel and said that she should have checked her petrol tank before getting on the said route.

“I am surprised that a mother of three, a lone driver […] after leaving Defence should have taken the straight route from GT Road — a generally well-populated area,” he had said.

The CCPO had said that the victim should have at least checked her car’s fuel tank before getting on the route as there is no petrol pump along it.

Robbers Gang-Rape Woman On Motorway

On Tuesday night, two robbers had gang-raped a woman who was with her children, on the motorway within Gujjarpura police’s jurisdiction.

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