TikTok Star Ali Khan Hyderabadi Beaten By Pakistani Actress

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

19th Feb, 2021. 06:26 pm
Ali Khan hyderabadi

Actress Shiza Butt slapped TikTok star Ali Khan Hyderabadi, who got popularity through his prank videos and red sunglasses.

According to the details, TikTokstar Ali Khan was doing inappropriate movements in front of actress Shiza Butt, which made the actress angry thus threw juice on Ali Khan’s face.

That did not calm her anger, she later slapped Ali on the face and started to beat him.

However, Ali Khan managed to save himself and told the actress that she was being pranked. He added that there was a camera hidden in the room.

Moreover, the actress’s anger did not subside and she got up and left.

Earlier, TikTok star Ali Khan Hyderabadi faced strong backlash for allegedly mocking a dark-skinned girl.

Ali invited a fan in a recent Instagram live session and later made fun of her dark skin color. He asked her to clean her face to appear ‘clearer’. He was accompanied by a child during the session. He allegedly said in the live session, “darr raha hai thora, aap camera saaf karo.” (clean your camera as they are scared).

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