US Company organizes drones to replant forests destroyed by wildfires

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

04th Dec, 2020. 10:47 pm
US Company organizes drones to replant forests destroyed by wildfires

A Seattle-based U.S company, Drone Seed has deployed drones in an innovative, much faster, and more effective way to provide solutions in the replanting of forests devastated by wildfires.

The company uses fleets of drones (drone swarms) to replant hundreds of trees in forest areas that have been decimated.

The operation involves dropping “seed vessels” into areas where they have the best likelihood of sprouting back to life.

The procedure of renewing the forests would normally take several years and include hundreds of persons manually replanting the plantlets.

Up to five eight-foot drones, flying together on pre-programmed routes, work to cover up to 50 acres a day and each drone carries up to 26 kg of seed ampules. According to Drone Seed CEO, Grant Canary, this approach is six times faster than a tree planter doing about two acres a day, and it has enabled the company to cut the supply chains for getting new seeds in the ground down from three years to an impressive three months.

Drone Seed had become exemptions from the US regulatory authority, the Federal Aviation Administration that allowed it to use the drone swarms to replant burned forests.

The company is already restoring destroyed forests in California and Oregon and is also examining other fire-stricken areas where its technology could be deployed to great effect.

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