Have you ever seen gold ornament like insects?

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06th Oct, 2021. 09:01 pm
Insects like gold ornaments

Insects like gold ornaments

Golden tortoise beetles are often found in morning glory, where they look like walking on water droplets.

There is an ancient saying that if something is well protected, it will be useful for a long time, but such scenes are rarely seen when something has been protected for millions of years.

Leon Bliss, a world-renowned British photographer, has now revealed his reality to the world by taking stunning and detailed photographs of these ancient insects that date back to 45 million years ago and which are a special kind.

These oysters usually hover over trees and can kill other terrestrial insects, then when dead insects get mixed in the resin, they harden and become transparent.

Now, in the pictures that Leon has released, these insects from millions of years ago are visible, which amazes the viewers because now the remains of these insects are shining on themselves and their sides.

Insects seen in the images of these remains are no less shiny than any of the most precious gold ornaments.

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