Sonakshi Sinha describes how drastically Bollywood industry has changed

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

09th Oct, 2020. 11:16 am
Sonakshi Sinha views on Bollywood

Bollywood’s Dabangg girl Sonakshi Sinha, who had bid farewell to Twitter citing triggering hate, described how the industry has changed over the years.

In a recent chat, Sonakshi expressed her views on how the industry has changed over the years, since the time her father, Shatrughan Sinha, used to rule the box office.

“It was very different at that point in time. Now, it has evolved, as is with any industry. Times have changed audiences have changed, tastes have changed. The style of working has become different nowadays. For me, from where I am sitting and see it, it is a positive change. It is really a whole new level of professionalism which I have experienced,” she said.

The actress added, “I think very early on in my career, I kind of left it to the Universe, that this is a place which is very unpredictable by nature. There will be things thrown at you, and you will have to handle. They will come out of nowhere. Then there are things which you will have to take control over or let go of.”

Sonakshi added that to this point, she never goes against the tide.

“Honestly, I have always been a person who generally likes to go with the flow. I don’t stress about things, not in my control. Fortunately, I was able to understand this very early on. That’s what helped me sail through as well,” she concluded.

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